Last Updated: [14/09/2022]

  1. Instapay Fees and Charges

    1. Instapay E-Wallet
    2. Instapay Prepaid Mastercard

      Type of fee and charge Amount charged (RM)
      Joining fee RM18.00
      Annual fee RM9.00
      Sales Draft fee RM15.00
      Transfer from Wallet to Wallet Free
      Transfer out to own bank account Free
      Transfer out to 3rd party bank account RM1.00
      Balance enquiry Free
      Closing of E-Wallet Account Free
      Statement request (only electronic statements available) Free
      PIN change and PIN regeneration Free
      Reload Wallet Charges FPX – Free
      Agent- RM2.00

      Type of fee and charge Amount charged (RM)
      ATM Withdrawal Fee
      (withdrawing cash from E-wallet through Instapay Mastercard)
      RM2 (Participating Banks in Malaysia)
      Overseas - International Banks ATMs accepting Mastercard RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher
      Overseas transaction fee 1% of the transaction amount on all overseas transactions (including online foreign currency transaction with a foreign based company)