CEO Meets His Excellency, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Malaysia
3 March 2020

Rajnish Kumar, CEO, met the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Malaysia, His Excellency Md. Shahidul Islam, to explain to him how Instapay was working towards financial inclusion of Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia. He assured His Excellency that his organisation was dedicated to bridging the gap in banking for migrant workers and would be implementing several measures aimed at this goal.
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Helping Customers Overcome Fear of Technology
29 February 2020

Winning an account and on-boarding a company for payroll accounts of their workers is perhaps the easier part of Instapay’s business. Helping customers overcome their fears of technology is more difficult. The company’s leadership team has been focusing on helping client employees understand the product and learn to transact securely. The team travelled to Kuala Kangsar to on-boarded Nepalese workers there. “We found a lot of excitement about our new tools that can help them save money and do things faster as well as a great desire amongst them to learn new things but also a fear of technology. We spent a great deal of time explaining patiently to them how to use the Instapay app well and, of course, we plan to go back and handhold them further in the coming weeks. It was good to chat with them in Nepali as language quickly breaks barriers and allows for easy bonding,” was how a member of the Instapay team put it.
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A Journey to Make a Difference in People’s Lives
20 February 2020

A three-member team from Instapay drove 300 kilometres to a remote palm oil mill near Ipoh to sign up the employees working there. They were primarily migrant workers, mostly from Nepal and Bangladesh. The Instapay team began by spending time in understanding the challenges they face so that the team could make a difference to their lives.

After the team’s interaction with them, workers were able to use their Instapay Mastercard for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals; many had a card in their hands for the first time in their lives. To be able to send money to their home countries from Instapay mobile app, for many, is nothing short of a digital revolution as the alternative is to travel 15 kilometres to the nearest city just to transfer money.

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